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The End of the Pier Show By Philip Dunn

The End of the Pier Show By Philip Dunn


A Giclée reproduction print from an original acrylic painting. This image shows a fantastic sight that happens almost every evening thousands of starlings practise their synchronised flying over the burnt out, skeletal remains of 'The West Pier'.   

Paper Giclées are state of the art ink-jet prints on high quality watercolour paper.  Each individual print has the title and Philip Dunn's signature hand written on the bottom.

Available in three different sizes :


Paper size 17.7 x 23.8 cms  

Image Size 13.2 x 19.8 cms


Paper size 29.2 x 42.6 cms

Image size 25.4 x 38.0 cms


Paper size 54.3 x 76.5 cms

Image size 47.0 x 70.5 cms

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