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John Holloway - Long Man of Wilmington

John Holloway - Long Man of Wilmington



Interesting to compare Eric Ravilious’ portrayal of the ‘Wilmington Giant’ (as he entitles his watercolour – see prints) with John Holloway’s photograph. The Long Man is situated neatly within barded wire lines in the Ravilious work, and similar situating lines, but through use of the paths, can be found in the Holloway photograph. In Holloway’s photograph there is more detail than in the Ravilious work: Holloway captures ancient Neolithic flint mines above the Man, and a dew-pond and ridges or ‘terracettes’, caused by soil slippage, can be seen passing through the figure.

Size: Image size 35.3 x 51.0; incl. border: 47.0 x 61.0cm

Format: Giclée photographic print; open edition on finest museum-grade acid-free 100% cotton bayta coated rag. Hand-embossed.

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