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Ethel Spowers - Swings - LEOFRAMES

Ethel Spowers - Swings


Linocut (c. 1932) Printed from 4 blocks: yellow ochre; viridian; reddish brown; cobalt blue. This print is evocative of the simple joy of the swing. There is no sentimentality, no intended or instructional moral, only the depicted pleasure of rollicking movement. And the colours are those as influenced by Flight and the Grosvenor School: this is not an ‘accurate’ colour portrayal, it is colour as perceived by the empathic artist very clearly enjoying by proxy the activity perceived. 

Size: 24.0 x 26.6; paper 33.0 x 35.6cm.

Format: Giclée Print, Limited Edition (1/850) on 310 gsm thick, 100% cotton rag. Embossed: Bookroom Art Press seal.


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