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Chinoiseriez By Alej ez

Chinoiseriez By Alej ez


Under the spell of Brighton Pavilion Chinoiserie. Fun ravenous dragons populate the sky over Brighton Town.  They have escaped from the Royal Pavilion after many years of confinement in their gold cages. Woo hoo!! Freedom at last! Hurrah!

Chinoiseriez. The name of this artwork made by addition of the term chinoiserie and Alejandro's surname Ez

Chinoiserie is a decorative style in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century, characterized by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques.

To illustrate the dragons he researched the piece ‘Nine Dragons’ a handscroll painting by Chinese artist Chen Rong from 1244. Depicting the apparitions of dragons soaring amidst clouds, mists, whirlpools, rocky mountains and fire, the painting refers to the dynamic forces of nature in Daoism. The depicted dragons are associated with nine sons of the Dragon King, while the number nine itself is considered auspicious in Chinese astrology and folk beliefs.

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