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Ready Made Frames

At Leoframes we stock a wide variety of Ready Made Frames to take away. We can also cut mounts if your image doesn't fit a standard size frame.
We stock Nielsen Apollo wood frames available in Black, white, silver, wenge and natural wood in the following sizes.
13x18cm  18x24cm  20x20cm  24x30cm  23x50cm  30x40cm  40x50cm  45x60cm
50x50cm  50x70cm  60x80cm and A4.
Apollo also comes as a multi aperture frames as well. It fits 3 x 6x8" photos in it and is available in all the five colours.
We stock Nielsen aluminium ready made frames in Black, white, Matt silver, polished silver and polished gold in the following sizes;
24x30cm  30x30cm, 30x40cm  40x40cm  40x50cm  50x70cm  60x80cm  70x100cm  A4 A3  A2 and A1.
We also stock Nielsen solid oak ready made frames in the following sizes:
24x30cm  30x30cm  30x40cm  40x40cm  40x50cm  50x70cm  60x80cm  A4  A3  A2 and A1.
These frames below are available in Black, white, gold and pewter finishes and in the following sizes :

6 x 4"    7 x 5"     6 x 6"     6 x 8"     8 x 8"     10 x 8"      10 x 10"     A4    10 x 12"   

11 x 14"     A3      30 x 30cm     30 x 40cm

These two frames below come in black and white and are available in the following sizes:

40 x 40cm    40 x 50cm     50 x 50cm    50 x 60cm     60 x 60cm    A2     50 x 70cm   

60 x 80cm    A1   70 x 100cm